Yuzuru Kumon


(+39) 375-624-1142


Norwegian School of Economics Post-doctoral Researcher September 2022-
Institute for Advanced Study, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole Post-doctoral Researcher September 2020- August 2022
Bocconi University Post-doctoral Researcher September 2019- July 2020
Hitotsubashi University Postdoctoral Researcher July-August 2019


University of California, Davis Ph.D. in Economics May 2019
University of Tokyo M.A. in Economics March 2013
Keio University B.A. in Economics March 2011

Research Fields

Economic History, Labor Economics, Development Economics

Published Papers

Kumon, Yuzuru (2024) ``Adoption, Inheritance, and Wealth Inequality in Pre-industrial Japan and Western Europe'' Accepted, Journal of Economic History

Kumon, Yuzuru and Saleh, Mohamed (2023) ``The Middle-Eastern Marriage Pattern? Malthusian Dynamics in Nineteenth-Century Egypt'' Economic History Review , 76 (4): 1231-1258

Kumon, Yuzuru (2021) ``The Labor Intensive Path: Wages, Incomes and the Work Year in Japan, 1610-1890'' Forthcoming, Journal of Economic History

Kumon, Yuzuru (2020) ``Rich Europe, Poor Asia: How Wealth Inequality, Demography, and Crop Risks Explain the Poverty of Pre-industrial East Asia, 1300–-1800'' (PhD Summary) Journal of Economic History , 80 (2), 589--592

Working Papers

Other Papers

Kumon, Yuzuru ``How Landownership Equality Created a Low Wage Society: Pre-industrial Japan, 1600-1870'' Submitted

Kumon, Yuzuru ``Wealth Inequality in Pre-industrial Rural England''

Kumon, Yuzuru and Sakai, Kazuho ``Women's Wages and Empowerment: Japan, 1600-1890'' Submitted

Kumon, Yuzuru and Igarashi, Erika ``The Gender Divisions of Labor and Structural Transformation: Industrializing Japan''

Works In Progress

Kumon, Yuzuru ``The Benefit of Shocks? Risk and Living Standards in Early Modern Japan, 1600-1868''

Kumon, Yuzuru, Saleh, Mohamed and Puschmann, Paul ``Household Structure in Nineteenth-Century Egypt''

Kumon, Yuzuru, Sakai, Kazuho and Takashima, Masanori ``Who Owned Land in Feudal Japan?''

Kumon, Yuzuru and Sakai, Kazuho ``Prostitution in Tokugawa Japan''


2021:Zurich FRESH conference; LSE Asia Economic History; EHS Annual Conference; Hitotsubashi University; Summer Meeting for Young Economists; Meeting in Economic History, Agen
2020: Utrecht University; Annual Meeting of the Danish Society for Economic and Social History; University of Tokyo; Economic History Association Conference; Queen's University Belfast, Cambridge University, Economic History Society Online Session
2019: Economic History Association Annual Conference Dissertation Session, Pacific Conference for Development Economics (PACDEV), University of Southern California; The Annual Cliometrics Conference, Paper Session; Waseda University; Keio University; Kobe University; Osaka Univeristy; Hitotsubashi University; European Historical Economics Society conference (EHES), Paris
2018: Oxford Graduate Student Seminar; Warwick Economic History Workshop; LSE Graduate Student Seminar; All UC Graduate Student Workshop Hitotsubashi University, Economic Development Workshop; University of Tokyo, Economic History Seminar; The Annual Cliometrics Conference, Graduate Student Session
2017: Economic History Association Annual Meeting 2017, Poster Session; Hitotsubashi University, Family and Living Standards in Tokugawa Japan; Association for Asian Studies, New Frontiers in Asian Economic History;
2016: All-UC Economic History Conference, One Hundred Flowers;

Teaching Experience

Instructor at Bocconi University

Masters Course: Globalization, Divergence, and Inequality in Historical Perspective

Teaching Assistant at University of California, Davis

Undergraduate Courses: Economic History, Game Theory, Intermediate Econometrics, Intermediate Microeconomics
Graduate Courses: Cross Section Econometrics, Econometric Foundations, Microeconomics

Honors and Awards

Asia-Pacific Prize in Economic History for best dissertation in Asia-Pacific economic history, Australian Economic History Society, 2022
Alexander Gerschenkron Prize for best dissertation in non US or Canadian Economic History, Economic History Association, 2019
Sokoloff Fellowship ($15,000), Economic History Association, 2018-2019
Economics Department Research Support Award ($1500), UC Davis, 2018-2019
UC Davis, Dissertation Improvement Support Award ($500), UC Davis, 2017-2018
Graduate Student Fellowship ($3750), All-UC Group in Economic History, 2017-2018
UC Davis, Non-Resident Tuition Fellowship , UC Davis, Fall 2016
Long Term Foreign Studies Award, Japan Student Services Organization, 2013-2016

Other Skills

Languages: Japanese (native), English (native), German (basic), French (basic)


Gregory Clark (Chair):
Department of Economics
University of California, Davis

Christopher M. Meissner
Department of Economics
University of California, Davis

Mohamed Saleh:
Toulouse School of Economics
Universite Capitole 1